Step into a realm of ethereal mysteries and atmospheric wonders. Within each artwork lies a unique and captivating story, waiting to unfold.


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About Me

Hello! My name is Michelle. I'm a UK artist from Swansea and I love to paint abstract impressionist artworks. 

My Inspiration

As an abstract artist my inspiration comes from the beauty of nature and the emotions that it invokes within me. I create dreamy, atmospheric landscapes and portraits that have a touch of fantasy and mystery, transporting the viewer to a tranquil and calming world. My art is ethereal and abstract, yet it has a depth that resonates with people who view it. Each piece has its own story to tell, and it speaks to each person in a unique and personal way.
The paintings that I create are not just a representation of the physical world, but also a reflection of my response to the world around me. I try to evoke emotions in the viewer, tapping into their personal experiences and state of mind. My art is a visual representation of the intangible, a way to capture the essence of a moment or feeling.



The dreamy and atmospheric quality of my paintings is achieved through the use of soft colours, light, and texture. I aim to create a sense of calm and tranquility, allowing the viewer to escape into a different world. The abstract nature of my art leaves room for interpretation, encouraging the viewer to find their own meaning within the piece.

In creating these pieces, I hope to inspire others to see the beauty in the world around them and to appreciate the emotions that it can evoke. My art is not just a representation of the world outside, but also a reflection of the inner world of the viewer. It is my hope that my paintings can bring a sense of peace and serenity to any home, and that they can serve as a reminder of the beauty and mystery of the world around us.



My work is currently exhibited at Queen Street Gallery in Neath. In 2023 I won the Llanwrtyd Arts & Heritage Centre 2023 Open Art competition for my painting Distant Summit. Two of my paintings were also selected for Llanelli's Y Ty Celf's Horizons exhibition in March 2023 and Neath's Queen Street Gallery's Alice in Wonderland exhibition and Winter Exhibition in December 2023. I have recently been accepted into Queen Street Gallery's 2024 Open Art competition. I have also been a member of King Street Gallery in Carmarthen and Gower Crafts & Artisans.